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Roof coating is a great way to protect your roof from damage and lengthen the life of your roof. These are widely used in flat structures. It also can save you money on your energy bill by reflecting heat away from your roof. If you are also looking to install a roof coating on your roof, you should consider contacting A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing, your professional commercial roof coating contractor in Tulsa. We are proud to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Our dedicated staff will take the time to understand your goals and design a package that best fits your needs. Call us today!

Types Of Roof Coatings

Nowadays, many options are available for coating your roof. Each of the options has its capabilities, pros, and cons. Here are some of the types of roof coatings used.

  • Silicone Roof Coatings: These are the most popular choice because they can reflect the sun's rays off your roof more effectively than other coatings and can withstand contact with ponding water without being damaged.
  • Metal Roof Coatings: This coating can be sprayed on or rolled on by hand. Metal roof coatings have a long life expectancy and are highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • Acrylic Roof Coatings: Acrylic roof coatings are made from an acrylic polymer, a combination of several compounds. These cost less than their silicone counterparts.

Advantages Of Roof Coatings

There are a lot of benefits that a roof coating can provide. Due to these advantages, many business owners now opt for a roof coating to protect their commercial roofs. A roof coating is a waterproof layer that protects your roof from cracking and repairs. First, it prevents leaks from forming. Second, it keeps the roof cool during summer and warm during winter. It also protects the roof from harsh weather conditions like the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Lastly, it does not require much maintenance, thus saving on costs.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Commercial Roof Coating Contractor?

At A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing, we offer roof coatings for commercial and residential clients looking to extend their roof’s lifespan without an expensive replacement. Our team of experienced roofing contractors has over 50 years of combined experience with various roof coatings. We offer multiple types of roof coatings. We use acrylic, silicone, and SPF coating systems from one of the leading manufacturers: Conklin. We have a highly experienced team in Tulsa that ensures that you’ll be getting a product you will be satisfied with. So let our commercial roof coating contractor provide you with the quality you want & the experience you deserve.

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