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6 Top-Rated Flat Roof Sealants of 2024

Posted on June 19, 2024

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Flat roofs present unique challenges when it comes to waterproofing and protection. Choosing the right sealant can mean the difference between a leak-free roof and costly repairs. Here are some top-rated flat roof sealants of 2024, each offering distinct advantages to keep your roof in top shape.

What Are Flat Roof Sealants?

Flat roofs, because of their low slope, tend to accumulate water on their surface. This makes them susceptible to water damage and leaks. That’s where flat roof sealants come into the picture. Flat roof sealants are designed to provide a protective, waterproof barrier over flat or low-slope roofs. These sealants help prevent water infiltration, protect against UV damage, and extend the life of the roof by creating a continuous, seamless layer that adheres to the roof surface. Here’s a closer look at the characteristics of flat roof sealants:

Characteristics of Flat Roof Sealants

1. Waterproofing: The primary function is to prevent water from penetrating the roof structure, which is crucial for flat roofs as they are more prone to water pooling compared to sloped roofs.

2. UV Resistance: Many sealants are formulated to withstand UV rays, preventing the material from degrading or becoming brittle over time due to sun exposure.

3. Flexibility: Sealants must accommodate the roof’s expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, ensuring they don’t crack or peel.

4. Durability: High-quality sealants offer long-term protection and can withstand various weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold, rain, and wind.

5. Ease of Application: Depending on the type, some sealants can be applied with brushes, rollers, or sprayers, while others come in tapes or caulking tubes for easy use.

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Different Types of Flat Roof Sealants

There are many types of flat roof sealants to consider for your roof. Be sure to pick the right one based on your roof type and the nature of the damage. 

1. Liquid Rubber Sealants

These are water-based or solvent-based formulations that create a flexible, durable membrane when cured. They are ideal for various roof materials and offer excellent waterproofing and UV resistance.

2. Elastomeric Sealants

These sealants are known for their flexibility and ability to stretch and contract with the roof. They often come in white to reflect sunlight, reducing roof temperatures and energy costs.

3. Polyurethane Sealants

Polyurethane offers good water resistance and durability. It’s thinner than some other sealants, making it easy to apply with a roller or sprayer. However, it may lack UV resistance compared to other types.

4. Silicone Sealants

Silicone is highly effective for waterproofing and UV resistance. It is often used on EPDM or flat roofs and provides a long-lasting barrier against the elements.

5. Acrylic Sealants

These are typically used for their reflective properties and ability to reduce heat buildup. Acrylic sealants are also UV resistant but may not be as durable in ponding water conditions.

Best Flat Roof Sealant Products

Here are a few top-rated flat roof sealants. Explore the following options to ensure a proper seal on your roof. 

1. Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid rubber waterproof sealant
Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant is a top choice for flat roof applications due to its versatility and eco-friendly formulation. This water-based sealant can be applied easily with a brush, roller, or sprayer, forming a durable, flexible membrane that effectively seals against water and UV damage. Its non-toxic, low-VOC formula makes it safe for use around pets and children, while its resistance to temperature fluctuations ensures longevity under various weather conditions. This product is ideal for flat roofs and materials like metal, concrete, and wood, providing comprehensive protection with minimal environmental impact.

2. Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing 

Rubberseal liquid rubber waterproofing 
Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing 

Rubberseal Liquid Rubber Waterproofing sealant is renowned for its superior protection against water and environmental wear. Designed specifically for flat roofs, it creates a seamless, highly durable membrane that prevents leaks and withstands pooling water. Its elastomeric properties allow it to expand and contract with temperature changes, preventing cracks and ensuring long-term performance. Available in several colors, this sealant not only offers functional benefits but also aesthetic flexibility. Although more expensive than some alternatives, its high resistance to UV rays and other environmental factors justifies the investment. 

3. Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

Gorilla waterproof patch & seal tape
Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape is a versatile solution for quick repairs on flat roofs. This tape provides an immediate, strong bond capable of sealing leaks even under wet conditions. Its ease of use makes it perfect for emergency fixes, requiring no special tools or skills. The tape adheres well to various materials, including metal, plastic, and rubber, forming a watertight seal that is both durable and long-lasting. However, it’s best suited for small-scale repairs rather than large areas due to its application method

4. Flex Seal Liquid®

Flex seal liquid®
Flex Seal Liquid®

Flex Seal Liquid is a highly effective sealant for both small and large repairs on flat roofs. It can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer, forming a robust, waterproof barrier that adapts to the surface it’s applied to. This sealant is notable for its flexibility, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures and UV exposure without cracking or peeling. It’s suitable for a variety of materials, including EPDM, TPO, concrete, and metal, making it a versatile choice for different roofing needs. While it may require multiple coats for maximum effectiveness, its ease of application and durability make it a reliable option for long-term roof maintenance

5. Henry 587 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite™ White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Henry 587 100% acrylic dura-brite™ white elastomeric roof coating
Henry 587 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite™ White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Henry 587 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite White Elastomeric Roof Coating is specifically formulated for flat roofs, offering high durability and performance. With a high solids composition, this sealant expands and contracts with temperature changes, preventing cracking and maintaining a strong protective layer. Its high solar reflectivity reduces building temperatures significantly, which can lead to substantial energy savings. One gallon of this coating covers about 100 square feet and typically requires two to three coats for optimal protection. Overall, its performance and ease of application without a primer make it a reliable choice. 

6. Through the Roof! by Sashco

Through the roof! By sashco
Through the Roof! by Sashco

Through the Roof! by Sashco is a unique co-polymer rubber formula designed for durable, long-lasting repairs on flat roofs. It adheres to a wide range of surfaces, including wet ones, making it an excellent option for immediate leak fixes. However, it is not compatible with all flat roofing materials, so make sure to check the manufacturers recommendations before beginning your project. This sealant forms a waterproof barrier that remains flexible under extreme temperatures, ensuring it does not crack or degrade over time. Despite its high viscosity, which can make application challenging in hard-to-reach areas, its strong adhesion and resistance to environmental factors make it a standout product for comprehensive roof protection

Final Thoughts 

Whether you need a versatile all-round solution like the Liquid Rubber Waterproof sealant or a quick-fix solution like Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape, the options above offer reliable, top-rated choices to meet your roofing needs in 2024. Always consider the specific requirements of your roof and the environmental conditions it faces to select the best sealant for optimal performance and protection.

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