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How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

Posted on January 13, 2023

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How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

Are you considering updating the exterior of your home? If so, you may have come across vinyl siding as an option. But with so many options and price points available, it can be difficult to know which one is the right choice for your home.

Fortunately, vinyl siding has come a long way in recent years and is now much more versatile, and even difficult to discern from some other exterior styles. It’s easy to maintain because it never needs painting, caulking, or repointing (like brick siding would need). The material is also versatile enough to help create any style to fit the architectural style of your home or building.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the factors that impact the cost of vinyl siding and help you make the best choice for your home. So, how much does vinyl siding cost exactly? Read on to find out.

Average Cost Of Vinyl Siding

Did you know that the cost of vinyl siding can vary widely? The average cost of vinyl siding, including materials and installation, is $11,676. However, prices can range from $6,370 to $17,615, depending on various factors. These factors include the size of your home and the contractor you choose.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are just estimated costs, and the actual cost for your home may be higher or lower depending on your specific circumstances. For example, a larger home will require more vinyl siding and may therefore cost more. Similarly, higher-quality vinyl siding, or certain styles and colors, may also be more expensive.

It’s always a good idea to get estimates from multiple contractors to ensure you are getting the best price for your specific project. By taking the time to research and compare costs, you can make an informed decision about the best option for your home and budget.

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Types Of Vinyl Siding And Their Cost

When choosing vinyl siding for your home, there are many options available at different price points. Here are some of the most popular types of vinyl siding and their approximate costs:

Vinyl shake siding

This type of siding is designed to mimic the appearance of wood shingles and is available in hand-split and cedar shake styles. Vinyl shake siding costs between $3 and $10 per square foot.

Clapboard siding

One of the most popular choices among homeowners, clapboard siding looks like simple plank siding and costs between $1 and $6 per square foot.

Vertical vinyl siding

Often used to highlight the architecture of a home, vertical vinyl siding costs between $3 and $8 per square foot.

Vinyl log siding

This type of siding gives your home a rustic log cabin look, includes the look of wood grain, and costs between $3 and $5 per square foot.

Board and batten

A popular siding style with a cost ranging from $2.50 to $8 per square foot, board and batten involves vertical wood panels placed side by side in panels.

Vinyl stone siding

This type of siding gives your home the look of faux stone at a fraction of the cost, with prices ranging from $4 to $10 per square foot.

Insulated vinyl siding

This type of siding comes with insulation attached directly to the vinyl and costs between $4 and $10 per square foot.

Vinyl brick siding

If you love the look of brick siding but it’s outside your budget, you can opt for vinyl brick siding instead. It gives your home the appearance of brick at a fraction of the cost, with prices ranging from $4 to $10 per square foot.

No matter the type of vinyl siding you choose, it’s important to research and consider your budget before making a decision. Keep in mind that the cost of materials is just one factor to consider. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of labor and any other additional expenses. Continue reading to discover all the factors that influence your final bill.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Vinyl Siding

The vinyl siding cost will depend on several factors, so it’s important to consider these factors before making your decision.

Size Of Your Home

One factor to consider is the size of your home. The larger the surface area of your home, the more vinyl siding you will need, which will increase the cost.

Vinyl Siding Brands

Another factor is the quality of the vinyl siding. Higher-quality options will typically cost more than lower-quality ones, but they may also be more durable and last longer. Many different brands manufacture vinyl siding, each with unique features and benefits. Some popular vinyl siding brands include Mastic, CertainTeed, and KayCan.

Style & Color

The style and color of the siding can also impact the cost. Certain styles and colors may be more expensive due to their popularity, or because they require more materials or labor to install.

Siding Contractor

The contractor you choose can also affect the cost of vinyl siding installation. The cost of labor can vary significantly from one contractor to another, so it’s important to get estimates from multiple contractors to ensure you are getting a fair price.

Labor Costs

Generally, homeowners can expect the labor cost to install vinyl siding to be between $2.15 and $5.25 per square foot, with an average cost of $3.70 per square foot. However, this can vary considerably depending on the location of the home and the season.

Seasonal Costs

Labor tends to be more expensive when it’s the busiest part of the roofing season, which is usually during the warmer months. If you can schedule your project for early spring or late fall, you may save on labor costs.

Old Siding Removal

If your home’s old siding is in good shape, it may be possible to install vinyl siding over it. However, if the old siding is also vinyl, or is wood siding in poor condition, you may have to pay between $400 and $600 to have the previous materials removed and disposed of.

It’s important to consider the lifespan of your vinyl siding when deciding whether or not the cost is worth it. Understanding how long your siding is expected to last can help you determine whether the long-term value justifies the upfront cost.

Get A Free Estimate On Vinyl Siding Installation

If you’re thinking about updating the exterior of your home, vinyl siding is a great option to consider. It is known for its durability, versatility, and low maintenance requirements, which make it a popular choice among homeowners.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our vinyl siding options and services, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and schedule a consultation to discuss your project in more detail. Contact us today to get started at (918) 402-7167!