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Which Vinyl Siding Brands Make the Cut?

Posted on December 30, 2022

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Vinyl Siding

The exterior of your home helps people identify your standards of living, and it perfectly reflects your personality through the choices you make. If your home exterior is aesthetically appealing, it helps create a good image of you in a visitor’s mind.

Damaged and wet walls of your home not only negatively impact the way visitors think about you, but also impact your home’s foundation. To help, we have put together seven vinyl siding manufacturers, and their products, to help you make an informed decision about the right siding brand for your home. With their professional assistance and products, you can protect your home from water leakage for years while giving your home an aesthetic makeover.

Understanding Vinyl Siding

For home exterior design and protection, vinyl siding is one of the preferable options among homeowners. It not only provides curb appeal to your home but also provides a protective, waterproof, layer.

Before the random discovery of polyvinyl chloride in 1920, now commonly known as PVC, vinyl siding took over the global market and replaced its alternatives. In addition, the invention of vinyl siding streamlined the use of vinyl in the home exterior and interior design industry. Before that, aluminum and clapboard siding was used for home makeovers.

Now, the production of vinyl siding is the highest in the industry, and it has completely taken over the United States and the global market. This isn’t just because vinyl siding is more affordable and durable than its alternatives, it is also lightweight yet thick. Therefore, vinyl siding is the top choice among homeowners and exterior contractors.

Vinyl siding gives your home a unique look and a long life. It can function properly for up to 45 years if you keep it properly maintained. Vinyl siding also comes in different designs and colors, providing you with multiple options to choose from for your office or residence. However, a downside with this siding is that if it comes in direct contact with fire, it will melt and warp.

7 Best Vinyl Siding Brands You Must Look For

Although many siding brands (local and international) serve the same market, in this section of the blog, we have put together the top-reviewed brands that homeowners choose for their vinyl siding. We suggest you research each brand thoroughly and make an informed decision, as this list does not include all the manufacturers on the market.

#1 CertainTeed

Founded in 1904, CertainTeed has a long history of being the leading manufacturer in North America for exterior and interior building products. With 118 years of experience in the industry, the company is known for its product quality and inventiveness. Along with vinyl siding, CertainTeed offers products and materials for residential and commercial roofing, fencing, decking, ceilings, and trim.

CertainTeed vinyl siding is:

  • Water-resistant
  • NGBS approved
  • Environmental-friendly

If you are looking to install vinyl siding on your home exterior, CertainTeed is one of the best manufacturers homeowners could go with. It provides the largest color palette in the industry, and its customer reviews show how the company aligns with its purpose of serving. CertainTeed offers siding services that are cost-effective and reliable.


Depending on your selection of siding materials, the price range per square foot ranges between $4 to $9.

Certainteed - vinyl siding

Certainteed – vinyl siding

#2 Georgia-Pacific

If you are a homeowner and looking to upgrade and install your vinyl siding on the exterior of your home, Georgia-Pacific can be an excellent choice for you. Top-ranked among its customers and spread over 30 States, Georgia-Pacific is a reputable brand name among industry leaders. With Georgia-Pacific products and services, the durability and attractiveness of their vinyl siding will last longer than any other brand.

Georgia-Pacific offers:

  • Weather and moisture-resistant vinyl siding
  • Low maintenance siding
  • Cost-effective vinyl siding

Remember, that the durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and water resistance of vinyl siding all depend on the installation method. Poor installation cuts short the durability and lifespan of a product, and minimizes the overall aesthetic look of vinyl siding. At the same time, poor installation of vinyl siding will cost you more in the long run, than if you had it installed correctly the first time. To ensure that your vinyl siding is installed properly, hire an experienced contractor.


Georgia-Pacific’s cost varies between $2 and $8 per square foot.

Georgia pacific - vinyl siding

Georgia pacific – vinyl siding

#3 Mastic Vinyl Siding – By Ply Gem

Our next recommendation for durable and affordable vinyl siding is Ply Gem, based in North America. Ply Gem offers a varied range of products and services, including Mastic vinyl siding, windows, patio doors, stone veneer, fences, and ceilings.

Moreover, Ply Gem Mastic siding comes with:

  • A lifetime warranty
  • 50-year hail damage warranty
  • An affordable price

Mastic vinyl siding is scientifically tested and provides exceptional durability to your home exterior, and comes in three style options including lap, vertical, and shake & shingle. If you want to install vinyl siding for the first time or update old siding, Mastic vinyl siding can offer you the best products around.


The cost per square foot of vinyl siding varies between $4 and $7.

Mastic vinyl siding - by ply gem

Mastic vinyl siding – by ply gem

#4 Alside

Founded in 1947, Alside, among homeowners and industry specialists, is a brand name with several decades of expertise in manufacturing vinyl siding and providing its services across the U.S., making it one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Alside provides

  • Heat and storm protection
  • Cost-effective siding
  • Durable siding

Alside offers a variety of vinyl siding, including Charter Oak Reinforced Premium, Odyssey Plus Premium, Coventry, Conquest Quality, Williamsport Colonial Beaded Premium vinyl siding, and more.

The features of Alside vinyl siding include durability, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. No matter how severe the weather is outside, Alside vinyl siding can compete for years. If you are looking for durable and cost-effective vinyl siding that can withstand hurricane winds, rain, or hail, Alside may be the best choice for you.


One square foot of vinyl siding ranges from $3 to $8.

Alside - vinyl siding

Alside – vinyl siding

#5 Royal Building Products

Royal building products is a Canadian-based company, and is one of the industry leaders in exterior design, decking, trimming, and molding. The vinyl siding color selection for home exteriors that they provide will give your home a naturally appealing look. They offer a wide range of siding options, including vertical siding, horizontal siding, shake, and shingles.

Royal Building Products provides:

  • Some of the strongest warranties in the industry
  • Exterior siding and trim ideas
  • Durable and low-maintenance siding

Home decor experts recommend Royal Building siding products for the low maintenance and durability they provide. In order to protect homes from deteriorated siding, and foundational issues, U.S. citizens prefer Royal Building Products.

Serving for over 50 years in the exterior design domain, Royal Building Products is an inspiration to many. Along with their professional products, their warranty covers any damage and factory defects.


The price for one square foot of vinyl siding ranges between $2 and $7.

Royal building products - vinyl siding

Royal building products – vinyl siding

#6 Kaycan

Based in Canada since the 1970s, Kaycan has always been a leading company with expertise in various siding products. Some of these include vinyl siding, aluminum siding, interior siding, polymeric shakes, and engineered wood siding. Besides having expertise in interior siding, Kaycan offers services in exterior design.

Kaycan serves over 35 countries across the globe with its vinyl siding and polymeric siding. When it comes to building and remodeling home exteriors, Kaycan is the expert’s choice.

Kaycan vinyl siding provides

  • A 25-year fade-resistant warranty
  • Various colors and styles
  • Sustainable material that is recyclable

Besides the scientifically tested products they provide to their clients, Kaycan empowers technology development and updates itself with technological changes.


Depending on the specific types of siding you choose, the price for Kaycan siding ranges between $3 and $8.

Kaycan - vinyl siding

Kaycan – vinyl siding

#7 Variform Vinyl Siding by Ply Gem

This manufacturer creates such good siding, we had to include it twice! Variform is another vinyl siding product that Ply Gem offers in lap, vertical, and shake & shingle options for your home exterior. The purpose of Variform siding is to make your every moment matter, without having to spend time maintaining the siding on your home. To give your home added curb appeal and durability, you can look for Variform. If you’re looking for other options besides vinyl, Variform provides aluminum siding as well.

Variform Vinyl Siding provides:

  • Durable vinyl siding
  • Low maintenance siding
  • Exterior siding that will meet your budget

Ply Gem is a leading exterior design and construction company assisting people with vinyl siding, metal accessories, windows, patio doors, stone veneer, fences, and more. Ply Gem’s vinyl siding is thoroughly water resistant, durable, and long-lasting, which customers trust.

Advantages of Vinyl siding

There are plenty of siding options on the market for homeowners to choose from. Some of these options include fiber cement, wood, clapboard, wood plank, stucco, aluminum, stone, and bricks. But when it comes to finding the siding with the most beneficial properties, vinyl siding is the winner.

Vinyl siding is long-lasting, lightweight, and less prone to damage. It is also more energy efficient, and water-resistant than other types of siding.

Let us check out some of the outstanding features and benefits you can expect when choosing to install vinyl siding on your home.

#1 Water Resistance

The water-resistant properties of vinyl siding are one of the reasons homeowners choose it over other siding options, especially when compared to other materials, like brick and clapboard, that are less water-resistant. In many homes made of fiber cement and bricks, you might have seen the water leaking into the home’s interior through the walls and roof. However, this does not occur with vinyl siding.

The compound that makes up vinyl siding is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and it’s the second most used plastic in the world. This plastic is best known for its water-resistant properties, which confirms the reliability of water-resistant vinyl siding.

#2 Durability

Since vinyl siding absorbs less moisture and easily repels rain away from the foundation of your home, it is less likely to be damaged by rot and corrosion. These water-resistant properties make it durable.

Properly installed vinyl siding can last up to 45 years without deteriorating. Additionally, vinyl siding can hold up well in strong winds and intense weather conditions.

#3 Aesthetics

One of the most important reasons people choose vinyl siding is the added curb appeal it gives their residence.

The aesthetic appeal of their siding material is one of the primary factors that homeowners consider before buying and installing home siding. In this category, vinyl siding comes with an outstanding look that people love.

Vinyl siding can be used to decorate your home any way you want. With multiple color options and styles available on the market, vinyl siding provides homeowners with the ability to match their personal style to the aesthetic look of their home.

#4 Easy Installation

Vinyl siding is one of the easiest sidings to install due to its light weight. This type of siding also expands and contracts, responding to the temperature variation in your area without cracking or splitting. As its size varies according to the temperature outside, the contractor needs to pay additional care to the installation process and ensure the siding covers the exterior wall entirely, even during different temperatures and weather conditions.

#5 Cost Effective

Homeowners are always looking for the most cost-effective material to purchase when it comes to roofing projects. Luckily, vinyl siding satisfies this demand by providing a cheaper, yet extremely durable, siding option.

According to Forbes, one square foot of vinyl siding costs between $4 to $5 and $130 to $1,000 to cover 100 square feet.

Final Thoughts

Since vinyl siding installation is complex, only skilled professionals should install your home exterior siding. We know how big of an investment your home can be, so we suggest you ask for help from a professional.

If you’ve been looking for a contractor in the industry whose had years of experience with vinyl siding installation, you should schedule a call with our team at A. Fricker Roofing and Waterproofing. We provide the best installation service for our customers, and we would love to assist you in installing the right vinyl siding that best suits your home. Give us a call today at (918) 402-7167!

Vinyl Siding