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Why You Should Think Twice Before Hiring Cheap Roofing Companies

Posted on March 5, 2024

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Hiring Cheap Roofing Companies

There are a lot of roofing contractors out there, but when it comes to choosing the right one, homeowners are often tempted to go for cheap roofing companies and materials. However, this may not be a wise decision if you want your roof to last. If you’re planning to install a roof on your home or commercial building, it is crucial to think twice before hiring a cheap roofing company. In this blog post, we will discuss the consequences of choosing a cheap roofing company for a one-time investment, like a new roof, so that you can make an informed decision.

Cheap Roofing Companies

The Potential Consequences of Hiring Cheap Roofing Companies 

1. Hidden Costs and Subpar Materials

While it may seem tempting to save money, the truth is that many low cost roofing companies utilize subpar materials and inexperienced labor, which can lead to hidden costs down the road. By cutting corners, these companies risk the quality of their work, which results in frequent repairs and maintenance expenses. 

In addition, using low-quality materials can leave your home exposed to leaks, damage, and even structural issues, which can further increase your expenses. Therefore, we recommend homeowners prioritize the quality of work and materials when making their roofing company selection.

2. Lack of Expertise and Experience

Roofing is often an extensive project that requires trained, experienced, and expert workers.  Unfortunately, many cheap roofing companies prioritize speed and cost-cutting over quality craftsmanship. This can lead to shoddy workmanship, improper installation techniques, and, ultimately, a roof that fails to perform as expected. Inexperienced roofers are also more likely to overlook important details or make critical mistakes that compromise the integrity of your roof.

3. Limited Warranty and Guarantees

Quality roofing companies are more likely to offer robust warranties and guarantees to provide their clients with peace of mind and assurance. However, cheap roofing companies may only provide limited warranties or none at all. Without a comprehensive roofing warranty in place, you could find yourself facing significant financial hardship and stress in the event of a future roofing emergency. 

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4. Potential Safety Hazards

As said, roofing is a complicated task involving climbing ladders and incorporating safety equipment. However, it can be a dangerous job, particularly when proper safety protocols are not followed. Cheap roofing companies may not invest in the necessary safety equipment or training for their employees, putting both workers and homeowners at risk. On the other hand, by hiring a reputable roofing company with a commitment to safety, you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and the workers completing your roofing project.

5. Short-Term Fixes, Long-Term Problems

Cheap roofing companies may prioritize quick fixes and temporary solutions over addressing the root cause of roofing issues. While this may provide immediate relief, it often results in further problems and escalating costs over time. However, when hiring a reputable roofing company that takes a comprehensive approach to problem solving, you can avoid the cycle of constant repairs and have peace of mind for years. 

6. Lack of Accountability

If you encounter any problems with the quality of the roofing work, you may find it challenging to hold them accountable for their actions. This is because many cheap roofing companies often lack proper licensing, insurance, or a solid reputation to uphold. As a result, they may avoid responsibility and leave you with unresolved issues.

On the other hand, choosing a reputable roofing company with a strong track record of customer satisfaction and integrity can provide you with assurance and peace of mind. 

Tips For Potential Savings On A Roofing Job

As professional roofers at A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing in Tulsa, OK, we don’t recommend hiring a cheap roofing company, though you can use the following tips to save on your roofing job. 

1. Get Multiple Quotes

Before hiring a roofing contractor, do your research and obtain multiple quotes for your project. This will give you a better understanding of the average cost and allow you to compare pricing and services offered by different roofing companies. 

2. Consider Timing

The timing of the project also has a great impact on your overall roofing cost. Contractors are usually busiest during the peak season, which can increase the prices due to high demand. Therefore, it is wise to schedule your project during the off season or slower periods, when contractors might offer discounts or promotions to fill their schedules. This way, you can save some money while getting your roofing project done without any hassle.

3. DIY Where Possible

While some roofing tasks require professional expertise, there are certain aspects of the job that homeowners can tackle themselves to save money. For example, you may be able to handle basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning gutters, removing debris, or applying sealant. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety when considering DIY roofing projects.

4. Choose the Right Materials

When it comes to roofing materials, there’s a wide range of options available, each with its own price point and durability. While it may be tempting to opt for the least expensive materials upfront, investing in higher quality materials can save you money over time. Quality materials generally last longer and require less maintenance, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Contact A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing In Tulsa, OK, For Your Roofing Needs

Hiring a skilled and experienced roofing contractor may cost higher upfront, but it proves to be cost-effective in the long run. While a roofing job done by a cheap roofing company might cost less upfront, it can require frequent repairs down the line. 
If you are looking for skilled roofers for your roofing needs in Tulsa, OK, contact us at A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing. The expert roofers at the company can skillfully handle any roofing project, which will save you money in the long run. Give us a call today at (918) 402-7167 to talk to our professional roofers.