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Extreme Weather and Tulsa Roofs: Preparing For Strong Storms

Posted on July 21, 2023

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Extreme Weather and Tulsa Roofs: Preparing For Strong Storms

You know how crazy the weather can get In Tulsa, especially during storms and other extreme conditions. Your roof is the first line of defense for your house, protecting it from whatever Mother Nature throws its way. To make sure it’s up for the challenge, we’ve got some essential steps to help prepare your roof for unpredictable weather. Let’s dive in!

Weather Events In Tulsa And Its Impact On Roofs

1. Scorching Summer Days

Ah, the blazing summers in Tulsa! The sun shines relentlessly, and temperatures soar. It’s not just about the color fading on shingles, the UV radiation can actually break down the structure of the roofing materials themselves. This constant exposure can wear out roofing materials over time and weaken their adherence to the roof deck. And when that happens, your roof becomes more vulnerable to cracks, leaks, and all kinds of nasty water damage.

2. Thunderstorms and Hail

Just when you think you may be getting a break from the heat, summer brings its own set of challenges in the form of thunderstorms and hail. They can be awe-inspiring to watch from the safety of our homes, but they can also be a real threat to our roofs.

When a hailstorm hits, it can cause major damage to your roof, especially if you have asphalt shingles. Hailstones can lead to dents, cracks, or even punch a hole right through the roofing material. 

3. Freezing Temperatures and Icy Problems

As winter rolls in, Tulsa faces freezing temperatures and occasional snow and ice. You might think it’s a nice change from the blistering summers, but your roof might not agree. When snow or ice melts during the day and then freezes again at night, it causes some serious stress on the roof’s structure. It’s like a never-ending tug of war, and your roof is caught in the middle. Clogged gutters and inadequate attic insulation can give rise to ice dams on your roof. 

So, if you really want to prevent your roof from being damaged, it’s important to take some preparatory steps.

Roof storm

Preparing Your Roof For Storms In Tulsa

1. Inspect and Maintain Your Roof Regularly

Keeping an eye on your roof is crucial to protect your home. Get it inspected at least twice a year, and don’t worry, you don’t have to climb up there yourself, hire a professional roofing contractor in Tulsa. They’ll spot hidden damage and weak spots that you might miss.

2. Reinforce Weak Spots and Make Repairs

After a thorough inspection, it’s time to take care of any weak spots and fix any issues. Loose or missing shingles are a common problem due to storms. Replace the damaged components and secure loose shingles to prevent them from flying off in high winds. Also, look out for leaks and water damage caused by damaged shingles and fix them ASAP.

3. Trim Overhanging Branches

Trees can be a beautiful touch to any property, but they can be a source of trouble during storms. Trim branches that hang over your roof to avoid any damage. It will also keep your gutters free from leaves and twigs, which can cause problems as well.

4. Clean The Gutters

Gutters are the small but mighty heroes that protect your home from water damage. They keep rainwater away from your home’s siding and foundation. But if they’re clogged with debris, they can cause water damage. Keep them clean and ready to handle heavy rainfall during storms.

5. Check and Reinforce Roof Flashing

Flashing protects vulnerable areas like chimneys and vents from water leaks. Make sure it’s in good shape and sealed properly. Fixing or reinforcing flashing will stop water from sneaking into your home during heavy rain or storms.

6. Install Storm Straps

As residents of a tornado-prone area, think about getting storm straps. These metal bands anchor your roof to your walls, giving it extra strength against strong winds. 

7. Fortify Your Attic

Your attic’s support is vital to your roof’s strength. Insulate it well and ensure proper ventilation to prevent roof damage. Also, good insulation helps maintain a comfy indoor temperature and reduces noise during extreme weather.

8. Consider Impact-Resistant Roofing Materials

If you need a new roof, think about getting impact-resistant materials. They’re designed to take a beating from hail and debris during storms. They might cost a bit more upfront, but they’ll save you money on repairs in the long run.

Discover how much it will cost to repair your home if storms damage your roof. 

9. Emergency Preparedness – Have a Plan

Sometimes, despite all the precautions, your roof can still take a beating. Be prepared with an emergency plan. Talk it through with your family so everyone knows what to do and where to go if evacuation is necessary.

10. Create an Emergency Kit

A well-stocked emergency kit is a must. Keep food, water, flashlights, batteries, a first-aid kit, and important documents ready to go. You never know when you’ll need it!

11. Reinforce Doors and Windows

Strong storms can break windows and blow open doors. Secure your doors with sturdy locks and use storm shutters or boards to protect windows when a severe storm is on the horizon.

12. Designate a Safe Area

Pick a safe spot in your home, like a basement or an interior room on the ground floor, where you and your family can take shelter during the worst part of the storm.


Preparing your Tulsa roof for extreme weather requires proactive measures and a solid emergency plan. Regular maintenance and repairs can make a huge difference. Remember, it’s not just about your property, it’s about keeping your loved ones safe too. Stay vigilant, stay prepared, and stay safe!

Hire Professional Roofers For Roof Storm Damage In Tulsa 

There is a lot that goes on after your roof sustains storm damage. From documenting the damage on the roof and filing a claim with your insurance company, to calling a contractor to repair the extensive damage, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Therefore, hiring a professional roofer after your home suffers severe roof storm damage is always recommended. If you live in Tulsa, why not contact the best roofing contractor? Contact A. Fricker Roofing and Waterproofing at (918)-402-7167 for your roof storm damage restoration.


A.  It’s a good idea to inspect your roof at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. Also, check for damage after any severe weather event.

A.While some roofing projects can be done as a DIY project, it’s best to leave storm straps to the professionals. They have the knowledge and tools to install them safely and correctly the first time.

A.  They might cost more upfront but they will save you money in the long run by reducing your repair needs.

A. If you notice a leak, try to contain the water with buckets or towels and call a professional roofer right after the storm passes.

A.  Sure, but ensure it’s well-insulated and ventilated to protect the supplies and your roof. Remember, being proactive and having an emergency plan can make all the difference when facing unpredictable weather. Stay safe and be ready!

Extreme Weather and Tulsa Roofs: Preparing For Strong Storms