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Popular GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Colors Of 2024

Posted on April 27, 2024

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Popular GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Colors Of 2024

GAF Timberline roof shingles are a popular choice on the market and are available in a variety of vibrant colors. These shingles not only protect your home but also add a touch of personality to its exterior. From classic neutrals like Pewter Gray and Charcoal to trendy shades like Barkwood and Hunter Green, there’s a color to match every homeowner’s taste. Each color is carefully crafted to complement various siding materials and landscaping features. These colors provide endless possibilities for creating a visually stunning and harmonious roofscape.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular GAF Timberline roof shingle colors of 2024.

#1 Pewter Gray 

GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Pewter Gray 
Source : gaf.com

Pewter Gray is one of the most popular shingle colors under the GAF Timberline roof shingles range. Pewter Grey is a gentle shade of gray with a touch of modern flair. It’s not too dark, though this shade has a subtle hint of black in it which gives it unique undertones. 

You can pair Pewter Gray shingles with different siding and exterior colors, such as beige and tan. It’s not too bold, so it will not clash with your other colors. 

#2 Weathered Wood

GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Weathered Wood
Source : gaf.com

Weathered Wood is a natural shade that is designed to mimic the aged appearance of wood shakes or shingles. This color is a blend of various shades of brown, tan, and gray. This color option is one of the highest selling in the GAF’s Timberline HDZ® range and is known for its dimensional look that adds texture and depth to your roof.

This color isn’t just nice to look at—it goes well with lots of different home styles. You can make it pop by adding deep burgundy touches or keep it more reserved with soft pastel trim. And because it’s classic, it makes your roof blend in with the neighborhood. 

#3 White 

White is another classic color on our list. It looks good with many house styles and colors. However, one of the disadvantages of white shingles is that they can show dirt and stains more easily than darker colors. This means that regular cleaning and maintenance might be necessary to keep them looking their best

Though white roof shingles will not match every home aesthetic, they can help your house stand out. This Timberline roof shingle color will look best if you have brick or gray siding, it also suits historic and Victorian houses. 

#4 Charcoal

GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Charcoal
Source : gaf.com

Next, from the GAF Timberline roof shingles range we have Charcoal. This deep, dark gray adds a sleek touch to the exterior, enhancing curb appeal. One advantage of Charcoal is that it conceals dirt and stains better than lighter colors, which means you don’t have to clean your roof as often.

It complements various house styles, from contemporary to traditional, adding a sense of sophistication. It looks great with white or cream siding for a strong contrast. You can also go bold with green or sea blue to make a modern statement. If you prefer a more subtle style, earthy tones like taupe or olive green also work well. So, whether you want a striking contrast or a bold look, charcoal works well with many options to make your home look great.

Additionally, Charcoal is available in the Timberline HDZ® RS line, which has a good solar reflectance index (SRI) that effectively helps to reflect sunlight, regulate indoor temperatures, and improve energy efficiency. 

#5 Slate

Moving forward, we have Slate. This GAF Timberline roof shingle color is a mix of dark grays, light blues, and brown tones, just like natural slate. 

Slate pairs well with almost any other color to create different looks. For a classic and timeless look, you can choose to combine Slate with neutral tones like beige or tan. If you want a more modern feel, try pairing slate with cool tones like sky blue for a fresh and contemporary vibe. For an inviting atmosphere, consider combining Slate shingles with rich tones like burgundy. No matter the colors of your home exterior, you can choose Slate for a roof that stands out for all the right reasons.

#6 Barkwood

GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Barkwood
Source : gaf.com

Barkwood is a medium brown shingle color that can improve the curb appeal of your home. It’s a blend of browns with a hint of gray and black that makes it look like the bark of a tree.

Since Barkwood is a neutral color it can create many house and siding color combinations that blend nicely with the surroundings. You could match these shingles with earthy shades like olive green, light beige, or sandy tan for a natural look. Or, if you want something more eye-catching, consider contrasting colors such as deep blues or rich reds to make your home look vibrant. For a clean and contemporary feel, neutral colors like white or gray can work well with the cooled-down tones of Barkwood shingles. 

#7 Oyster Gray

GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Oyster Gray
Source : gaf.com

Oyster Gray is a soft, subtle shade of gray, similar to the color of an oyster shell. This light gray shade has hints of blue and green that give it a soft, organic feel. 

Oyster Gray shingles offer flexibility in coordinating with other colors to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. Pairing them with crisp white accents can create a classic and clean look, emphasizing the gray tones. For a more modern feel, consider complementing Oyster Gray with sleek black details to add contrast and sophistication. Additionally, earthy tones like taupe or sage green can create a harmonious and natural palette that complements the softness of Oyster Gray. 

#8 Hunter Green

GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Hunter Green
Source : gaf.com

Hunter Green is a bold and striking color in the Timberline shingle line. It is like a lush forest, with a rich, deep green shade reminiscent of colors found in nature. It brings a vibrant and unique look to your roof.

Rich Hunter Green pairs exquisitely with woodsy browns, tans, and creamy off-whites for an earthy, organic palette. This deep shade also beautifully complements brick or stone accents. For more contrast, the bold dark green pops against crisp white or light exteriors, creating a luxurious exterior. Its versatility allows seamless coordination with various cooled tone palettes.

#9 Biscayne Blue

GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Biscayne Blue
Source : gaf.com

Biscayne Blue is a soft, pale blue-gray color that is soothing yet stylish. This light shade is reminiscent of the peaceful colors of the sky and ocean. Imagine a clear blue sky—that’s the vibe Biscayne Blue offers.

This color goes nicely with lighter neutral colors like white, tan, and gray. It looks great alongside stonework or siding that has cooler, blue undertones. For a bolder, contrasting look, Biscayne Blue pops beautifully against lightly toned reddish-brown bricks. This color is perfect for achieving that laidback, coastal vibe, especially for beach houses or seaside homes. 

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