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Thinking About A Sun Tunnel Skylight? Here Are The 5 Best Options

Posted on January 23, 2024

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If there is one home exterior component that has evolved and is getting increasingly popular, it’s skylights. In the past skylights were simpler, so depending on their placement the natural light they provided was only visible in the attic. But thanks to sun tunnel skylights, sunlight can now make its way to other parts of your home. 

Over the years, we have seen many homeowners want to install this type of skylight but are hesitant because they are not aware of the options available to them. That’s why we are here to help. Today, we’ll explore five top-notch options designed to brighten your living space. 

What Is a Sun Tunnel Skylight? Why Are They Different

Before we delve into our top five options, let’s shine a light on what makes a sun tunnel skylight unique. Also known as a tubular skylight, this ingenious lighting solution brings the beauty of natural sunlight into your home through a reflective tube.

What sets sun tunnel skylights apart from their regular counterparts is their innovative design. Unlike traditional skylights that directly expose the interior of a home to the sky, sun tunnels capture sunlight at the roof and guide it through a reflective tube into the living space. This unique mechanism allows sun tunnels to be installed in areas where conventional skylights may not be feasible due to obstructions.

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5 Best Sun Tunnel Skylight Options on the Market

If you’ve been considering installing a sun tunnel skylight, look no further. The options below are some of the best available. 

#1. Low Profile VELUX® Sun Tunnel® Skylight 

Low profile sun tunnel skylight
Source : veluxusa.com

When it comes to skylights, VELUX Group has one of the widest presences on the market. The company offers a variety of different skylights and is well known for its sun tunnel skylight. To start this list, we have one of the most popular VELUX skylights: the Low Profile Sun Tunnel Skylight. 

This tubular skylight is a seamless integration of form and function designed to harmonize with your home’s roofline effortlessly. This skylight option boasts a strong, weather-tight, low profile dome that comes with a highly reflective inner surface. Its subtle design not only ensures durability but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. The one-piece, pitched flashing is a standout feature, strategically angled to capture light from all directions, even in the presence of obstructions between the roof and ceiling.

This VELUX skylight can be installed in a few hours, so you can transform your living space with the beauty of natural light in just an afternoon. Additionally, this skylight offers versatility with roof pitch adapters and an adjustable elbow for a streamlined installation. If you live in an area that is prone to harsh weather conditions, you can also install the impact version of the same product. This low-profile tubular skylight is available in 10-inch, 14-inch, and 22-inch versions. 

#2. Flat Glass VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight

Flat glass velux sun tunnel skylight
Source : veluxusa.com

If you don’t want to see obstructions on your roof, then we have another option for you. Enter: the Flat Glass VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight

This skylight sets a new standard in skylight design, seamlessly integrating into the roofline for a sleek, modern appearance. This skylight option is versatile and allows for easy installation on shingle and low-profile roofing materials. It is suitable for roof pitches between 14 and 60-degrees.

Featuring a highly reflective tube with 99% light transfer, this skylight is perfect for applications requiring an unobstructed path from your roof to the ceiling. Additionally, the product is available in a 14-inch rigid format, offering simplicity and efficiency in its design. If you are looking to enhance your space further, you also have an option to add a VELUX Solar Night Light that will softly light your interiors. 

Note: With both of these VELUX skylight options, you will be eligible for 30% federal solar tax credit.  

#3. Sun-Tek Tube 

Next on the list is the Sun-Tek Tube, a revolutionary solution from the skylight experts at Sun-Tek. 

It is designed to bring natural light into even the smallest spaces that may be too constrained for a standard skylight. This option is easy to install, ensuring a quick and hassle-free solution that won’t disrupt you or your family.

Also, for the avid DIY-er, everything you need for installation, including easy to follow instructions and a special leak-proof sealant, is conveniently included in the box. However, it’s best that you hire a contractor for skylight installation in Tulsa, OK. 

This tubular skylight has a leak-proof dome that efficiently captures sunlight, directs it down a reflective tube to a lens cover that disperses the light evenly throughout the room. This sun tunnel skylight is a maintenance-free option that doesn’t require any upkeep after you install it. 

#4. Natural Light Energy Systems 13” Residential Tubular Skylight 

Residential tubular skylight
Source : nltubular.com

Meet the 13” Residential Tubular Skylight from Natural Light Energy Systems – a powerful light solution for your home. With a 13-inch size, it can brighten up to 300-square feet, giving your space a touch of natural light. 

With its silver surface, the skylight is able to offer a reflective capability of 98%, equivalent to 500-watts. This matches the other products in the range and ensures a vibrant and well-lit atmosphere. This skylight is tough too, as it has been hurricane tested and approved, and is made with weather-resistance and impact-proof commercial-grade aluminum. 

While it’s on par with other top sun tunnel skylights, what makes this option different is the flexibility. This size fits several types of roofs, there are different flashing colors available, and you get to choose from two diffuser options, customizing how the sunlight spreads in your home. 

Apart from the 13-inch variant, you also have the option to select from the 10-inch and 18-inch model. 

#5. Kennedy K Series Pitched Roof Tubular Skylight

Kennedy k series pitched roof tubular skylight
Source : kennedyskylights.com

Introducing the Kennedy K Series Tubular Skylights, proudly crafted in America, offering a range of pitched roof models in 10-inch, 13-inch, and 18-inch. With a focus on simplicity, these skylights are designed to be installed effortlessly without any structural changes or wiring, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

This sun tunnel ensures evenly dispersed light throughout the day while shielding your space from the effects of harmful UV rays. What sets this product apart is its condensation release dome, which prevents moisture buildup due to humidity, reducing the chances of water damage. With this sun tunnel skylight, you don’t have to worry about aesthetics as these come in three colors: powder-coated black, bronze, or the classic mill finish. 

With any of these options, you can elevate your living space with a skylight that not only brightens your home but does so with ease, efficiency, and a touch of style. 

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Today, we covered some of the best sun tunnel skylights available on the market. But choosing the right skylight, though important, is not the final step. You also need to hire a professional roofing contractor for a secure installation. 

If you are looking for a professional, look no further than the team of A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing. We offer skylight installation services in Tulsa and surrounding areas.  

Apart from skylights, we can take care of your roofing needs with our exceptional residential roofing services in the area. 

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