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Illuminate Your Home With These Skylights for Metal Roofs

Posted on April 28, 2023

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Skylight on Metal Roof

Metal roofs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements. However, despite their many benefits, metal roofs can sometimes create a dark and gloomy interior, particularly in areas with limited natural light. Many homeowners also have an issue with their metal roofs looking too simple.  That’s where skylights come in. Skylights are an excellent way to brighten up any space and create a more open feel in your home. 

Skylights not only bring in natural light but also add visual interest to your home’s interior. When it comes to metal roofs, skylights are a great window option as they work in harmony with the reflective qualities of the metal to create a stunning play of light and shadow throughout the day. In this article, we’ll explore the best skylights for metal roofs.

Best Skylights for Metal Roofs

The right skylight can be a game changer for your metal roof and play a role in elevating the curb appeal of your home. The roofing industry has seen constant developments over the years, and skylights are not too much behind. There are several design ideas in skylights that you can choose from, but here are a few:  

Fixed Skylights

This is the oldest type of skylight available and the most basic system currently in use. However, these are still popular. Also known as stationary skylights, they are designed to allow natural light into a space without opening or closing. Fixed skylights are installed directly onto the roof and cannot be opened or closed. 

Let us look at the pros and cons of fixed skylights so that you can decide whether they’re the right option for you. 

Fixed skylights
Fixed Skylights

Pros of Fixed Skylights

Let in Natural Light: 

One of the most significant benefits of fixed skylights is that they provide a significant amount of natural light, which can bring much-needed illumination to your home. 

Cost Effective: 

Fixed skylights are cost effective. They are typically less expensive than other types of skylights, such as operable or tubular skylights, making them a popular option for homeowners on a budget.

Does Not Require Regular Maintenance:

Finally, fixed skylights require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. Since they do not have any moving parts, there are no mechanical components that need to be serviced or replaced over time. 

Cons of Fixed Skylights

Heat Loss: 

Glass tends to allow heat to escape quickly. To prevent your skylight from contributing to heat loss, ensure that the panes of glass are insulated.

Lacks Ventilation: 

Since the skylights are fixed, you cannot open or close them, which may result in excess heat and humidity in the attic or the room where the skylight is installed. 

Ventilated Skylights 

Seeing the limitations of skylights, manufacturers came up with vented skylight options. Ventilated skylights, also known as operable skylights, are designed to open and close to allow air to circulate through a room and home. They are installed on the roof and can be operated manually or through a remote control.

Ventilated skylights 
Ventilated Skylights 

Pros of Ventilated Skylights:

Provide Both Natural Light and Ventilation: 

Vented skylights are modern and durable options that not only solve the problem of lighting but can also be used for ventilating the attic area. 

Vented skylights allow for greater control over the amount of light and air entering the room as they can either be powered by electricity or solar panels. They also improve indoor air quality by allowing fresh air into the home.

Greater Flexibility: 

You can use these skylights in areas that require ventilation, such as bathrooms or kitchens

Cons of Ventilated Skylights:

More Expensive Than Fixed Skylights:

With greater functionality comes a higher cost. This skylight is more expensive than the traditional skylight. Also since they require electricity, they may increase your energy bills. However, the effect is not that much. 

Difficult to Install:

Not only are they expensive, but ventilated skylights are also more difficult to install than fixed skylights due to their additional moving parts and electrical connections. You also need to regularly maintain the skylight to ensure it is working properly. 

Can be Prone to Leaks if Not Installed Properly:

Poor installation can lead to leaks and other issues, such as poor insulation or condensation buildup. 

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights, also known as sun tunnels, are designed to capture natural light and transport it through a reflective tube that runs from the roof to the ceiling of a room. They are ideal for spaces where traditional skylights cannot be installed, such as small bathrooms, closets, and hallways.

Tubular skylights
Tubular Skylights

Pros of Tubular Skylights:

Provide Natural Light in Small Places:

Tubular skylights are an excellent option for bringing natural light into spaces where traditional skylights cannot be installed. With its design, they efficiently transport light from the roof to the interior space.

Fewer Chances of Leaks:

They create a smaller opening in the roof compared to other skylights and are typically designed with leak-proof flashing and seals. All of this reduces the likelihood of water damage and leaks.

Cons of Tubular Skylights:

Limited Light:

The amount of light that enters a room is dependent on the size and length of the tube. Compared to other skylights in this post, this type provides the least amount of sunlight due to its smaller size. Additionally, the reflective material used in tubular skylights may deteriorate over time, reducing the effectiveness of the skylight.

Tubular Skylights Cannot be Opened:

Another limitation of tubular skylights is that they cannot be opened for ventilation. This means that they may not be suitable for rooms or spaces that require additional air circulation or ventilation.

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Trust Us To Install Skylights For Your Home 

Now that you are familiar with the types of skylights you can install on your metal roof, the next step is to hire a roofing contractor to install them.  
It’s important to choose a reputable and experienced roofing company to ensure proper installation and maintenance. At A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing, we have a team of skilled professionals who can help you choose the right type of skylight for your home. We can also install it for you with our expert installation services. We provide installation for all types of windows, roofs, and more, so contact us today at (918) 402-7167.

Skylight on Metal Roof