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How To Restore Faded Metal Roof Without Having To Replace it

Posted on November 3, 2023

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restore faded metal roof

While metal roofs are meant to last decades, their color often does not. Over time, metal roofs will fade and the color will break down due to a number of factors. If you have installed a metal roof and are concerned about the color fading, this blog post is for you. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive explanation of metal roof fading, the contributing factors, and how to restore faded metal roofs. Read through the end to know how to bring back the charm of your metal roof. 

What Is Metal Roof Fading?

Restore faded metal roof

Metal roof fading occurs when particles in the environment react with the pigments in metal roof paint. However, there are many other factors that significantly contribute to the fading of metal roofs, some of which include the relentless heat from the sun, UV rays, weathering, and impacts. When metal roofs fade, they start appearing dull, affecting the overall appearance of the roof and the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Color fading on your metal roof may not always be uniform. In some areas, you may notice a considerable difference, while in others, it is unnoticeable. Moreover, the expansion and contraction of your metal roof may also result in oil canning, which makes your roof appear distorted and uneven. 

What Is Metal Roof Chalking?

When the resin on the metal roof breaks down due to constant exposure to UV rays, you may notice a white chalky substance on the surface, which is metal roof chalking. It can disturb your roof’s overall appeal, reducing the property’s value in the eyes of potential buyers. 

What Is Metal Roof Oxidation?

Metal roof oxidation, or commonly known as rust, refers to the process by which a metal roof, generally made of materials like steel or aluminum, reacts with oxygen leading to the formation of oxides on the metal surface. Oxidation can cause a variety of issues for metal roofs, including discoloration, a dull appearance, and compromised structural integrity over time.

How To Revive The Charm Of Your Faded Metal Roof

If your metal roof is looking dull, faded, or rusty, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be replaced. There are other ways to restore your metal roof to its former pristine state. 

1. Paint Your Metal Roof

Painting is one way to regain the charm and vibrant appearance of your metal roof. Painting a metal roof not only brightens the color but also increases your roof’s longevity. Choosing the right paint for a metal roof is the key to a seamless application. But before you begin painting, there are a few other steps you need to take. 

a) Give Your Roof A Power Wash

Before painting a metal roof, it is essential to remove dirt, debris, grim, and chipping paint for the paint to adhere to the roof properly. Pressure wash your roof from top to bottom, rinsing away any chalky substances and rust patches. If you notice mold and mildew growing on your metal roof, ensure you remove them with a specialized cleaning solution. Make any necessary repairs before moving on to the next step to seal the roofing system from moisture and the elements. 

b) Apply A Primer To The Metal Roof

After you have washed off the dirt, grime, and debris from your metal roof, let it dry. Then, under the right weather conditions, apply specialized metal roof primer following the manufacturer’s instructions. There are various metal roof primers available on the market, so it is important to consult a professional roofing contractor or manufacturer about which primer to choose. Moreover, applying primer to your metal roof requires you to use specialized tools, such as a sprayer brush and a long handled roller.  

c) Paint Your Metal Roof

Painting a metal roof is one of the most recommended methods of restoring the vibrancy of your metal roof, though it depends on the quality of the paints you choose. Choosing the right metal roofing paint is the most crucial step when restoring your faded metal roof. The following are among the best metal roofing paints used to revive roofs. 

Best Metal Roofing Paints To Consider

1. Semi-Gloss Metal Building Paint by Valspar

Restore faded metal roof
Source : hemlockhardware.com

Valspar’s Semi-Gloss Metal Building Paint is a specialized product designed for direct application on metal surfaces, specifically worn out and aged metal siding and roofs, and restores them to their former beauty. Ideal for use on metal roofs, this paint effectively withstands corrosion and rust, particularly on galvanized steel. 

This high quality water based acrylic compound dries quickly to a semi-gloss finish, offering resistance to chalking, fading, and wear. It’s easily cleaned with water and soap, making maintenance a breeze.

2. Oil Base Enamel Paint by Diamond Brite

Restore faded metal roof
Source : diamondbritepaint.com

Diamond Brite offers a high quality Oil Base Enamel paint suitable for various applications, including metal roofs. This durable paint brand is recognized for its range of products, including latex paint and oil-based enamel paint. This paint is known for its versatility, providing a reliable coating that withstands the elements and protects against rust and corrosion on metal roofs. The high gloss finish can enhance the visual appeal of the coated surface.

Removing Oxidation From Metal Roofs

As mentioned in the above section, oxidation is a common issue on metal roofs and other metal surfaces that are exposed to moisture, air, and sun. Regular maintenance and preventive methods are some of the ways that can help keep your metal roof free from oxidation. However, if metal roofs remain oxidized for a long time, it may cause your metal roof to lose charm and integrity as the material degrades. Oxidation is responsible for rust and corrosion that eats away the materials, leaving them damaged, faded, and brittle. If you want to free your roof from oxidation, you can apply a coating for metal roofs

Best Products For Removing Oxidation

To remove oxidation from a metal roof, you can use specialized products designed for this purpose. 

1. Ox-Knox Brushless Oxidation Remover

Restore faded metal roof
Source : southeastsoftwash.com

One effective product is Ox-Knox, a brushless oxidation remover available in liquid form. Specially formulated for metal roofs, Ox-Knox removes the oxidation effectively without harming the metal surface. Before applying the solution, make sure to read the guidelines mentioned on the product itself. 

2. Oxi Wash by SoftWash Systems

Additionally, there are chemical solutions like OxiWash by SoftWash Systems, which is specifically mentioned for metal gutters, siding, and roofs with oxidation. This effectively works on the first application. However, it’s important to dilute the product before the final application by adding water. 

For more severe cases, such as highly oxidized original paint, sandblasting or shot blasting may be considered, followed by heavy sanding or scouring down to the base metal, with regular primers applied afterward.

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restore faded metal roof