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January 6, 2024
Understanding how much a roof inspection will cost you is crucial for homeowners seeking to maintain the integrity of their homes. Various factors contribute to the overall expense of this essential service. In this guide, we’ll explore the typical costs associated with roof inspections and shed light on the factors that influence these expenses.  How […]
January 4, 2024
Replacing the entire roof deck is a significant investment, and if it is in good condition during a roof replacement, then homeowners might ask, do I need to replace the roof decking? Replacing roof decking means replacing the sheathing or plywood installed beneath the roofing materials, and it can be expensive.  As a roofing contractor […]
January 2, 2024
If you think of rain chains and downspouts in terms of aesthetics and practicality, then deciding between the two is pretty simple: rain chains are considered the aesthetically pleasing choice, while downspouts represent practicality. But unfortunately, the choice is not always so easy. Other factors also come in between, and taking them into account is […]
December 31, 2023
While metal roofs are durable, long lasting, and energy-efficient, the absence of insulation can reduce the overall effectiveness of your roofing system. From the hammering sound of rain to increased energy consumption, metal roof insulation plays a major role in your everyday comfort. If you are installing a metal roof on your home or commercial […]
December 30, 2023
Do you want to know how the roof shingle recycling process works? Recycling shingles is a sustainable approach towards roofing. Since it takes around 300 years for asphalt shingles to decompose completely, homeowners and industry professionals alike began looking for ways to recycle roof shingles.  Thanks to the composition of asphalt shingles, they can be […]
December 29, 2023
Are you searching for the top insulated vinyl siding options to install in your home? Luckily, you don’t have to look any further than this blog post! As a home exterior expert at A. Fricker Roofing & Waterproofing, I have had experience installing various types of exterior siding, including insulated vinyl siding. During my time […]
December 28, 2023
Water runoff from your roof, especially in valleys and corners, can lead to issues like erosion, leaks, and even structural damage to your home over time. This is where a roof rain diverter comes in. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what a roof rain diverter is, its benefits, and whether you should consider […]
December 27, 2023
A downspout is one component of your home’s drainage system that works together with the gutters to protect your home from water damage. Downspouts are the enclosed pathways that channel the water from the gutters to the ground and away from the house. Without them, rain and debris would pool around the foundation, potentially causing […]
December 26, 2023
To make sure your property looks great and stays in top shape, it’s important to make sure your roof is properly maintained. And to make sure that your roof stays in good condition, you need to take care of certain components. While you are aware of the importance of roofing materials, what you might forget […]

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