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How Much Does It Cost To Reframe A Roof?

Posted on October 10, 2023

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How Much Does It Cost To Reframe A Roof?

Roof framing is an essential part of any roofing project, whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing property. It provides the structural support and shape for your roof. However, the cost to reframe a roof can vary depending on several factors. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how much it costs to reframe a roof, the different factors that influence the cost, and provide an estimate of the average cost to reframe a roof.

What is Roof Framing?

Roof framing is the construction of the underlying framework that supports the roofing components. It involves the installation of rafters, trusses, and other structural elements to create a sturdy and stable roof structure. The roof framing provides the shape and strength to withstand the weight of the roof materials, as well as external forces such as wind and snow loads.

Types of Roof Framing

There are two main types of roof framing: traditional rafter framing and truss framing.

1. Traditional Rafter Framing

How Much Does It Cost To Reframe A Roof

Traditional rafter framing involves the installation of individual rafters, which are sloping beams that extend from the ridge board at the top to the wall plates at the bottom. This type of framing allows for more flexibility in roof design and customization. However, it requires more labor and time to install compared to truss framing.

2. Truss Framing

How Much Does It Cost To Reframe A Roof

Truss framing is a prefabricated roof framing system where triangular trusses are manufactured off site and then installed on site. Trusses are made of wood or metal and provide structural support to the roof. Truss framing is faster and more cost effective compared to traditional rafter framing. It is commonly used in both residential and commercial construction.

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Factors that Influence the Cost of Reframing a Roof

Several factors can influence the cost of reframing a roof. It is important to keep these in mind when estimating the cost of your project:

1. Size of the Roof

The size of the roof is one of the primary factors that affect the cost of reframing. The larger the roof, the more materials and labor will be required, resulting in a higher cost.

2. Roof Design and Complexity

The design and complexity of the roof also impact the cost. A simple roof design, such as a gable roof, will be less expensive to reframe compared to a complex roof design with multiple dormers or intricate angles.

3. Type of Roof Frame

The type of roof frame you choose will also affect the cost. Traditional rafter framing may require more labor and time, resulting in higher costs compared to truss framing, which is more efficient and cost effective.

4. Demolition and Removal of Old Roof Framing

If you are replacing an existing roof frame, the cost of demolishing and removing the old framing should be taken into account. The complexity and extent of the demolition work will impact the overall cost.

5. Materials Used

The choice of materials for roof framing can vary in terms of cost. Wood is a common and cost effective option, while metal framing is more expensive. The quality and grade of the materials will also influence the total price.

6. Location and Accessibility

The location of your property and its accessibility can affect the cost of reframing a roof. If your property is in a remote area or has limited access, it may require additional time and effort to transport materials and complete the project, resulting in higher costs.

Cost of Demolishing Old Roof Framing

When replacing an existing roof framing, the cost of demolishing and removing the old framing should be considered. On average, the cost of roof demolition and removal ranges from $0.98 to $1.81 per square foot. This cost can vary depending on the extent of the demolition work and the disposal of materials.

Labor Costs

The labor cost for roof reframing can vary based on the complexity of the project, the location, and the experience of the roofing contractor. On average, professional roofing contractors charge $1.50 to $3 per square foot for labor in addition to the cost of materials. For more complex projects or higher roofs, the labor cost may be higher.

Average Cost of Reframing a Roof

The average cost to reframe a roof can vary depending on the factors mentioned above. However, as a general estimate, the cost can range from $6 to $15 per square foot. This includes labor and materials for a standard roof framing project.

Financing Options for Roof Reframing

Roof reframing can be a significant investment, but there are several financing options available to homeowners. These include home improvement loans, home equity loans or lines of credit, and personal loans. It is important to explore these options and choose the one that best suits your financial situation.

Tips to Save Money on Your Roof Reframing Project

If you are looking to save money on roof reframing, consider the following tips:

  • Get multiple quotes from different roofing contractors to compare prices and services.
  • Consider using truss framing instead of traditional rafter framing for a more cost effective option.
  • Opt for standard roof designs that are simpler and require less labor.
  • Plan the project during the offseason when contractors may offer lower prices.
  • Look for any available discounts or promotions offered by roofing contractors.
  • Consult with a roofing contractor to determine if your property requires roof reframing. In some cases, repairs can fix the problem at a lower cost.

Hiring a Professional for Roof Reframing

While DIY options may be feasible for simpler roof framing projects, it is generally recommended to hire a professional roofing contractor for more complex or extensive reframing projects. A professional contractor has the expertise, experience, and tools necessary to ensure the project is completed safely and efficiently.

When hiring a professional, it is essential to:

  • Research and gather multiple quotes from reputable roofing contractors.
  • Check their licenses, insurance, and certifications to ensure they are qualified for the job.
  • Ask for references and examples of their previous work.
  • Discuss the project timeline, costs, and any warranties or guarantees offered.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations and requirements for the project.


Reframing a roof is a significant investment that can enhance the structural integrity and aesthetics of your home. The cost of reframing can vary depending on factors such as the size, complexity, and materials used. It is important to carefully consider these factors and consult with professional roofing contractors to obtain accurate cost estimates for your specific project. Whether you choose traditional rafter framing or truss framing, hiring a professional, or opting for a DIY approach, proper planning and research are essential to ensure a successful roof reframing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The duration of a roof reframing project depends on various factors, such as the size, complexity, and accessibility of the roof. On average, a roof reframing project can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete.

A. Raising the roof of an existing home is possible but requires careful planning and consideration. It is essential to consult with a professional contractor to assess the feasibility of raising your roof and determine the potential cost and structural implications.

A. Changing the pitch of a roof is typically done during the reframing process. It is not a standalone project during roof reframing but can be incorporated into the overall project if desired.